About Us

We strongly believe that telehealth is transformative, and we want to work with creative medical professionals such as yourself to transform healthcare and lead the way. Patients and medical providers deserve a better experience than a simple meeting tool. We are passionate about providing great customer experiences, and partnering with you to bring additional efficiencies and value to your medical practice. That’s our unique value and promise to you.

In addition, our heritage as a firm is in the design of highly usable consumer-focused applications. We can build unique customer experiences for you around our telehealth platform, and we proudly bring that creative mindset to all of our clients.

Our team at SimplyDoc began as part of WebRTC.ventures, a software development agency that is a leading global integrator of the WebRTC video standard in custom applications since 2014.

Through that work, we gained experience building and maintaining scalable video applications for a variety of industries including healthcare.

SimplyDoc is headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia, with additional offices in Panama City, Republic of Panam√°.

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