SimplyDoc To Focus Solely on Telehealth Entrepreneurs and Integrating Video into Existing Healthcare Applications

SimplyDoc To Focus Solely on Telehealth Entrepreneurs and Integrating Video into Existing Healthcare Applications

Just before the pandemic hit, we had launched SimplyDoc as a custom telehealth solution for medical and mental health clinics. For a moment late last winter, we thought we were at the right place at the right time. However, it turned out that what doctors needed in 2020 was the simplest possible video conferencing solution to connect with their patients virtually. The relaxing of HIPAA regulations meant there was a wealth of free options for these practitioners. 

The SimplyDoc “Happy Place” 

As 2020 progressed, we found that SimplyDoc was the happy place between shoe-horning healthcare business processes into off the shelf video conferencing products like Zoom or and the time and money it takes to build a telehealth solution from scratch. SimplyDoc places those interested in customized telehealth farther down the development cycle, saving them time and money over a completely new project. 

To this end, we have revamped our website and are focusing our effort solely on telehealth entrepreneurs and existing healthcare applications looking to integrate HIPAA-compliant telehealth. 

The SimplyDoc Telehealth Starter Kit

SimplyDoc is a browser-based, HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform that is completely customizable and ready to be white-labeled. You can launch with its standard features and workflow or use it as a quick start base to create something completely your own. Or, you can simply use our API to add video appointments to your existing healthcare application. Learn more about how we work or go straight to see SimplyDoc’s features

SimplyDoc was born from deep experience in the design of highly usable video applications by the team at WebRTC is perfect for telemedicine because of its ability to work right in the browser and its HIPAA-compliant security measures. 

SimplyDoc can be a Software as a Service pricing model based on usage. Or, you can opt to pay a license fee to own your copy of the code. See pricing options

Tell us how we can help to create a telehealth application that is perfectly tailored to your unique needs. The same team that designed SimplyDoc is standing by! 

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