Integrate Video Calls Into Your Healthcare Platform with the SimplyDoc API

Integrate Video Calls Into Your Healthcare Platform with the SimplyDoc API

SimplyDoc is a robust, configurable, HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform that can be used as a standalone SaaS application by healthcare organizations of all shapes and sizes. Yet, it can also be so much more. 

SimplyDoc was built with an API that can be used to integrate the video calls into existing applications. You can make API calls to create doctors and patient accounts, schedule calls, retrieve information about past visits, and much more. You can integrate it with your existing telehealth workflow and start SimplyDoc calls seamlessly from your app using our API. You can also retrieve data about calls from SimplyDoc for use in your own EHR, EMR, CRM, or other internal systems, and retrieve form data from a patient’s call in order to integrate with your own e-prescription or other digital health platforms. And almost anything else you can imagine!

SimplyDoc was built by the team at using expertise gained from a decade of creating custom, consumer-focused video applications for a variety of industries. WebRTC video technology is perfect for telemedicine because of its strong security measures and encrypted data transmission. 

Telehealth is here to stay, even once the pandemic is behind us. Does your healthcare platform use video yet? Add value to your current clients and gain new ones by building video into your workflow and providing intuitive, reliable, and HIPAA-compliant video appointments through the SimplyDoc API. Let’s talk integration!

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