Telehealth apps using WebRTC video enable..


Video, audio, and screen share capabilities connect patients with doctors.

Data exchange

Patients can transfer data to their doctors for rapid, remote examination.


Provide exams, advice, check-ups, and more while still staying HIPAA-compliant.

…while all of the following stays protected.

Conversation content

Data exchanged and stored

Payment information

Administrative access

Secure and Encrypted

With strong security measures and encrypted data transmission, WebRTC (also known as Web Real Time Communication) is excellent for telehealth. Health information is protected in all video and audio communication, complying with federal HIPAA regulations. And, it works right in the browser with no downloads or plug-ins required.

SimplyDoc implements best practices to ensure HIPAA-compliance and data security, including:

Use of HIPAA-compliant Amazon Web Services for hosting

All Patient Identifying Information is encrypted in the database

The database itself is also encrypted on Amazon’s servers, providing a second layer of encryption

Video, audio and data channel traffic is encrypted in transit via use of WebRTC technology

Configurable security model in the application layer ensures only select individuals can access patient data in the application.

Our team at uses WebRTC to build secure video applications for a wide variety of industries, in addition to telehealth.

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