SimplyDoc’s Virtual HIMSS20 Booth

SimplyDoc’s Virtual HIMSS20 Booth

Our team was excited to exhibit at the HIMSS20 Conference this week. Unfortunately, the Conference was cancelled due to concerns about the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Instead of meeting you in Orlando, we’re bringing our virtual booth directly to you! Check out our video below to learn more about SimplyDoc and how it can transform the way you deliver healthcare to your patients.

The demo you saw above is just one example of how SimplyDoc can look and feel like an extension of your practice. We’ll customize your platform to match your brand, and we’ll adapt your platform to match your workflow — not the other way around.

About SimplyDoc

We believe that telehealth is transformative. SimplyDoc is a care-driven, patient-focused telehealth solution for your medical or mental healthcare practice. You can meet with your patients and clients whenever and wherever you need to provide care. Features like appointment scheduling, note-taking, and screen sharing make each video visit feel just like an in-person appointment. HIPAA-compliant and secure, SimplyDoc can be branded to your practice and customized to your workflow, meeting the unique needs of your office and patients.

Let’s get started!

Contact us to bring patient-focused telehealth to your practice today!

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