The Story of SimplyDoc

The Story of SimplyDoc

Every company has a unique story. In this video, Arin Sime, CEO and Founder of SimplyDoc, explains how SimplyDoc came to be.

Video explaining how SimplyDoc began.

We started in custom software development

We started out as, a custom software development agency that specializes in live video and audio. Our team is globally recognized as experts at integrating the WebRTC video standard into applications. We’ve worked in a variety of industries — from business conferencing tools to gaming applications to interactive broadcasting for sports events. Many customers were searching for a healthcare application, and we realized that healthcare providers need more than a meeting tool; they need a solution that allows them to build telehealth into their practices in a highly configurable way.

Specializing in and focusing on telehealth

Because of this large need for custom telehealth solutions, we combined our software design and development experience with a Software as a Service (SaaS) model to provide you with a custom HIPAA-compliant application with low setup fees and ongoing costs. We’re proud to bring you SimplyDoc, your unique telehealth solution with a price that a small medical clinic or mental health practice can afford.

We believe that telehealth is transformative. SimplyDoc is a care-driven, patient-focused telehealth solution that allows you to meet with your patients and clients whenever and wherever you need to provide care. HIPAA-compliant and secure, SimplyDoc can be branded to your practice and customized to your workflow, meeting the unique needs of your office and patients. Contact us to bring patient-focused telehealth to your practice today!

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