The Benefits of Adding Telehealth to Your Healthcare Practice

The Benefits of Adding Telehealth to Your Healthcare Practice

Here at SimplyDoc, we’re big fans of telehealth and how it can transform your healthcare practice. We see immense value in making healthcare accessible for patients and efficient for providers. Now, is telemedicine right for your practice? Let’s look at some benefits that telehealth brings.

Pros of using a telehealth platform

Telehealth makes healthcare easier to access. By eliminating the commute to and from your office, patients’ appointments become easier to schedule and keep. There are no travel costs or additional time away from work or school. All a patient needs is a stable internet connection and a private place to join their virtual appointment.

Telehealth overcomes geographic barriers. This is particularly useful in rural areas, where the closest doctor can be an hour or more away. With fewer geographic barriers, you can serve more patients and increase revenue by marketing your healthcare services in a much broader area.

Telehealth is secure, private, and safe. As long as your telehealth platform is HIPAA-compliant, you can feel safe knowing that your patients’ private health information (PHI) is secure.

Telehealth can reduce healthcare spending. Because telehealth makes it easier for patients to see their doctors, medical providers can emphasize the importance of preventative care and follow-up care. Patients become more invested in their healthcare, and staying on top of preventative and follow-up care can reduce hospital admissions.

Telehealth can facilitate healthier lifestyles. Some telehealth applications include reminders and healthy lifestyle tips. In the digital world we have today, many people rely on notifications to remember their to-do lists, errands, and responsibilities. Automated reminders to eat healthy foods, exercise often, take necessary medications, and get enough sleep are great for improving patients’ overall lifestyles.

How SimplyDoc can help

SimplyDoc is a care-driven telehealth solution for your medical or mental healthcare practice. HIPAA-compliant and secure, SimplyDoc can be branded to your practice and customized to your workflow, meeting the unique needs of your office, physicians, and patients. Contact us to get started on your intuitive, flexible, patient-focused telehealth platform today!

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