Start Seeing Patients Now!

Start Seeing Patients Now!

SimplyDoc is now available for individual practitioners! Earlier this week, we announced our streamlined single license version of SimplyDoc that connects individual care providers to their patients in seconds.

We know that the global coronavirus outbreak has left you searching for a solution that complies with social distancing guidelines and maintains patients’ access to necessary healthcare. That’s why we created a simple and secure way for physicians like you to connect with your patients quickly and easily.

Video explaining the steps to get started with SimplyDoc in less than a minute.

Get started with SimplyDoc telehealth in under a minute

Step 1: Create your SimplyDoc account by clicking here.

Step 2: Start your telehealth visit and invite your patient. With a click of a button, you’re taken into your telehealth appointment. Invite your patient to join you from within the appointment by entering their cell phone number or copying the secure meeting link into an email.

Step 3: Hold your telehealth visit. Your patient will click on the secure link that you sent to them via text message or email. Then they’ll enter their name, you’ll accept their request to join, and they’ll be brought into the appointment with you. It’s that easy — and it’s that quick. Inside your telehealth visit, you’ll have access to secure messaging, file-sharing, screen sharing, and private note-taking.

No setup costs AND free for your first 30 days

Nothing should stand in your way of delivering necessary healthcare, not even cost. As a single practitioner, you won’t incur any setup fees — ever. And to make it even easier for you, we’re offering this option FREE for your first 30 days with us!

Ready to get started?

Keep your patients and clients safe while maintaining continuity of care. Sign up for your SimplyDoc account to get started today! You’ll be holding your first telehealth visit in minutes.

Looking for more? Our full telehealth solution package starts at $350/month and is fully branded to your practice customized to your workflow. If you’re interested in a configurable version of SimplyDoc for your medical clinic, mental health practice, or hospital, contact us! We’re happy to schedule a demo and discuss how SimplyDoc can be configured to meet your unique needs.

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