Scheduled Appointments

Scheduled Appointments

SimplyDoc allows you and your patients to schedule and hold appointments virtually. In this video, Arin Sime, Founder and CEO of SimplyDoc, shows us how scheduled appointments work.

Video showing how to schedule and hold a scheduled telehealth appointment

Patients can easily request appointments with their chosen medical provider. The appointment options available to them can be changed within each provider’s account. Each provider has a profile where they can highlight their specialties and expertise.

Providers can choose to accept or decline patients’ appointment requests. This helps lower appointment cancellations by giving providers the opportunity to double-check their calendar before confirming the appointment.

At the time of the appointment, patients and providers are taken into a virtual waiting room. Here, they can check their video, audio, and connection quality. Once the provider is ready, they can start the appointment, at which point the patient can then enter the call. Inside the call, both the provider and the patient have access to features like messaging and file-sharing, which make it feel just like they’re meeting in person.

We believe that telehealth is transformative. SimplyDoc is a care-driven, patient-focused telehealth solution that allows you to meet with your patients and clients whenever and wherever you need to provide care. HIPAA-compliant and secure, SimplyDoc can be branded to your practice and customized to your workflow, meeting the unique needs of your office and patients. Contact us to bring patient-focused telehealth to your practice today!

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