COVID-19 Telehealth Update – April 3, 2020

COVID-19 Telehealth Update – April 3, 2020

It’s been another busy week for healthcare in the US and around the world. Arin Sime, Founder and CEO of SimplyDoc, is back with another update on how COVID-19 is affecting healthcare and telehealth.

Video from SimplyDoc giving an update on how the global coronavirus outbreak is affecting healthcare and telehealth.

Insight #1: Medical practices are losing patients and closing

Unfortunately, several medical practices are losing patients and revenue because of the coronavirus pandemic. Many patients are unwilling to leave their homes out of fear of being exposed to germs in the waiting room. In an outbreak, telehealth can help these practices continue serving their patients.

Insight #2: Telehealth reimbursements are being expanded

Today, telehealth is crucial for continuity of care. Other health concerns don’t disappear during a pandemic, so non-critical patients must be able to see their healthcare providers for ongoing remote medical care until they’re able to go back into the office. Telehealth makes this possible, and a good telehealth solution makes it easy.

Insight #3: Any telehealth is better than no telehealth

As we mentioned last week, people need access to their care providers now, so it’s important to get a telehealth solution up and running as soon as possible. Although we set ourselves apart by offering custom telehealth solutions, you want to meet your patients where they are right now. SimplyDoc can make that happen.

SimplyDoc’s single license solution: See your patients now!

This week, we launched a streamlined single license version of SimplyDoc that makes telehealth as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Create your SimplyDoc account
  2. Generate and send a secure meeting link to your patient directly from your account
  3. Hold your first telehealth visit!

We believe that telehealth is transformative. SimplyDoc is a care-driven, patient-focused telehealth solution that allows you to meet with your patients and clients whenever and wherever you need to provide care. HIPAA-compliant and secure, SimplyDoc can be branded to your practice and customized to your workflow, meeting the unique needs of your office and patients. We’re also have a streamlined version of SimplyDoc for individual practitioners so that you can start seeing your patients as quickly as possible. Contact us to bring patient-focused telehealth to your practice today!

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