The Need for Teletherapy During COVID-19

The Need for Teletherapy During COVID-19

The global coronavirus outbreak has changed healthcare. Social distancing guidelines advise us to stay home and avoid contact with others to contain the spread and flatten the curve. Unfortunately, health concerns don’t just go away during a pandemic, and many Americans are reporting that the outbreak has harmed their mental health. When the country is grappling with collective trauma and anxiety, physical isolation from friends and family, major change in daily life, and an economic recession — all without a definite end in sight — there has been no time more crucial than now to offer teletherapy.

Support your clients through this major change

Many of our lives have been turned upside down by this outbreak. We’re working and attending school from home, limiting our grocery shopping trips, and cancelling upcoming travel. We’re sheltering in place, often far from our loved ones, watching press conferences and models that warn us of how bad this may become. This change was sudden and largely unexpected, and coping with a loss of familiarity and normalcy can be difficult.

This is where teletherapy comes in. With a secure, HIPAA-compliant telehealth solution, you can offer invaluable continuity of care during a time when most other aspects of life are uncertain. Video appointments comply with social distancing guidelines by replacing office visits, allowing you to provide support to your clients through this difficult time.

Gain new clients and expand your impact

Many people are considering starting therapy, which is great! We all need a place to let things out, better understand our own stress responses, and practice healthy coping skills. By offering teletherapy, you open the door to new clients who are seeking mental healthcare now. With rising anxiety levels, disrupted routines, and inaccessibility of many of our typical stress relievers, this is an excellent opportunity to see more clients and expand your therapeutic impact.

By marketing your services and expanding your reach with teletherapy during this outbreak, you’re also reducing the stigma surrounding therapy and mental health. You’re adjusting the way that you practice so that people can access the care they need. And with no physical parking lot or waiting room where they may run into someone they know, teletherapy is a valuable option for people who have never considered therapy before.

SimplyDoc can help!

With countless individuals experiencing feelings of anxiety at once, we hope you’re considering offering teletherapy during this uncertain time. SimplyDoc is a HIPAA-compliant, care-driven telehealth solution designed with you and your clients in mind. We create custom telehealth platforms that can be branded to your practice and configured to your workflow, meeting your unique needs. In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, we’re offering 30 days of FREE telehealth service so that healthcare providers can see their patients and clients without any additional expense. Get started with our single license telehealth service or schedule a demo today!

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