The Differences Between SimplyDoc and Meeting Tools

The Differences Between SimplyDoc and Meeting Tools

SimplyDoc is very different from a standard business meeting tool. In this video, Arin Sime, Founder and CEO of SimplyDoc, compares our HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform with common video conferencing applications.

Video explaining key differences between SimplyDoc telehealth and online meeting tools

Business meeting tools aren’t appropriate for healthcare conversations. These tools don’t include the levels of security and privacy necessary for HIPAA compliance, leaving your patients’ data and protected health information (PHI) susceptible to a security breach. Unlike these common tools, SimplyDoc is HIPAA-compliant; it includes the built-in security safeguards necessary for you to hold healthcare conversations confidently and securely.

Business meeting tools are rigid and can be difficult for your patients to use. Unlike these meeting apps, SimplyDoc can be configured to your workflow and made as easy for your patients to use as possible. It includes your branding and works underneath your practice’s website. It’s also browser-based and doesn’t require any downloads, making it simple for your patients to join their telemedicine appointments. We designed SimplyDoc this way because we care about making telehealth easy and accessible.

We believe that telehealth is transformative. SimplyDoc is a care-driven, patient-focused telehealth solution that allows you to meet with your patients and clients whenever and wherever you need to provide care. HIPAA-compliant and secure, SimplyDoc can be branded to your practice and customized to your workflow, meeting the unique needs of your office and patients. Contact us to bring patient-focused telehealth to your practice today!

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