Webinar: Partnering with SimplyDoc

Webinar: Partnering with SimplyDoc

Looking for a partnership to help you provide telehealth video visits for your clients? SimplyDoc can help!

We’re holding a webinar about SimplyDoc partnerships!

SimplyDoc’s Founder and CEO, Arin Sime, will discuss how SimplyDoc can partner with you to provide telehealth video visits to your clients. We will cover:

  • Telehealth as a service
  • How to partner with SimplyDoc
  • Using APIs and technical integrations to interface our video telehealth platform with the products you provide to healthcare practices

By partnering with SimplyDoc for telehealth visits, you can add value to your clients and help them adapt to the new world of healthcare delivery. Join us on Wednesday, April 29th, 2020, at 3:00pm Eastern US.

About the speaker: Arin Sime is the Founder and CEO of SimplyDoc, a care driven telehealth solution for medical groups and mental health practices. His team has built a customizable telehealth solution used in a variety of telehealth use cases. Arin brings over 20 years experience in technology and software development to an era where telehealth is rapidly becoming a crucial part of modern healthcare.

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